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  • NE LB 1288 - Jane Raybould
    LB1288 - Provide for recognition of tribal mental health and dangerous sex offender commitment orders and for transportation of and commitment of persons civilly committed under tribal law
    02/23/2024 - Raybould AM2695 filed
  • NE LB 1355 - Tony Vargas
    LB1355 - Provide for disbursement of grants from the Nebraska Opioid Recovery Fund
    02/21/2024 - Advanced to Enrollment and Review Initial
  • NE LB 253 - Thomas Brewer
    LB253 - Provide for an additional location for the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center
    02/20/2024 - Wayne name added
  • NE LB 605 - Joni Albrecht
    LB605 - Change provisions of the Mental Health Practice Act to include protections and requirements for certified art therapists
    02/20/2024 - Advanced to Enrollment and Review for Engrossment
  • NE LB 62 - Machaela M. Cavanaugh
    LB62 - Provide for coverage of translation and interpretation services under the medical assistance program
    02/20/2024 - Cavanaugh, M. AM2547 filed
  • NE LB 905 - Merv Riepe
    LB905 - Require the Department of Health and Human Services to submit a waiver or state plan amendment for medical respite care
    02/23/2024 - Placed on Select File
  • NE LB 913 -
    LB913 - Require a state plan amendment for postpartum coverage under the Children’s Health Insurance Program
    02/20/2024 - Health and Human Services AM2321 filed
  • NE LB 927 - John Fredrickson
    LB927 - Require suicide awareness and prevention training for certain employees of child-placing agencies and employees of the Department of Health and Human Services
    02/22/2024 - Fredrickson AM2553 filed
  • NE LB 928 - John Fredrickson
    LB928 - Provide for the appointment of a mental health director for the Department of Correctional Services
    02/20/2024 - Dungan name added
  • NE LB 932 - John Fredrickson
    LB932 - Change provisions relating to provisional mental health practitioner licenses
    02/20/2024 - Speaker priority bill
  • NE LB 940 - Myron Dorn
    LB940 - Provide and change authority for agreements by county boards
    02/20/2024 - Advanced to Enrollment and Review for Engrossment
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